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Accessible Icon Project (AIP)

The S2L Group wants to be a part of changing the face of disability. Our hope is to bring change to the state of Pennsylvania through changing the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA). The movement originally started in Boston, Massachusetts and was later adopted in the state of New York.

The S2L Group has updated a few parking lots throughout the Lehigh Valley and Northampton Counties. The groups goal is for everywhere in PA to display the empowering image proudly! 

What is it?

The AIP is working towards making the ISA to depict a more empowering image that displays more movement rather than the individual being stagnant. When it becomes law it will require the removal of the word "Handicapped" on any signs, and will replace it with the word "Accessible."

Such changes will be made in order to maintain "a people first perspective, and [place] the emphasis on the person, rather than the disability."

Who should I contact?

If you have information on how to get this dream to become a reality in PA please contact us!

If you want to volunteer painting the symbol be sure to contact us as well!

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Call: 610-770-9781 ext. 130 or 119