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Career Path

LVCIL offers innovative vocational services for young adults with disabilities through the Career Path program in Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon and Monroe counties.

The Career Path program matches qualified and motivated young adults with disabilities to employment opportunities in the Lehigh Valley. The program is designed specifically for young adults who:

The program provides future employees with the skills needed to succeed on-the-job, including workplace skills development, such as problem solving, teamwork and customer service, assessments, job coaching, and intensive case management. Program components include:

*Please note: Participants may not take part in all components of the program. Eligibility for each component is determined by the participant's goals and/or needs, and availability of funding.

In addition, young adults in the Skills Training component of the program also take part in a person-centered planning. This meeting is focused completely on the young adult, and it is an effort to establish the young adult's goals and a clear plan (short and long-term) to achieve those goals.

For more information on eligibility, or general questions about the program, please contact 610-770-9781 ext. 125 or email careerpath@lvcil.org.

Outreach to Employers

An additional component of the Career Path program is educating employers in the Lehigh Valley on the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. If you are an employer, consider these facts:

We want to work with you! If you are an employer, business, organization, or educational facility in the Lehigh Valley and are interested in hiring a dedicated, long-term employee, please contact 610-770-9781 ext. 125 or email careerpath@lvcil.org.

The Career Path program was established in 2011 through a grant from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitaiton (OVR). The program's exapansion into Carbon and Monroe counties was made possible through a grant from OVR, as well. 



Participant on the job


Career Path participant during an interview


Career Path participant working on vocational skills