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A little advocacy goes a long way!  As The Real World Lehigh Valley (RWLV) Summer Program we want to share some things that we are doing as a group and how you can join in on our advocacy process.

The RWLV is looking to help change the International Sign of Accessibility (accessible parking symbol, formerly known as handicap parking) in Pennsylvania.  The difference between the old and the new logo is that the old logo looks like a person in a wheel chair who is stationary and cannot move themselves while the new symbol represents an active life style for people with disabilities.

Last week the group went to the Easton YMCA to begin to update their accessible parking spots.  While at the Easton YMCA we swept and taped over the old logo as a group, so we could start the process for the new and improved logo. This process consists of filling in the square with blue paint followed by the new accessible logo. Finally, we touched up any spots with paint and took the tape off to allow time to dry.

We’re trying to spread this new accessible icon throughout PA. We invite you to join the movement by updating your own parking lot, reaching your out to your local legislators or contacting us by clicking this link