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Meet Lauren

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I live in Schnecksville, PA with my family. I graduated from Parkland High School in 2008 and I also graduated college from ESU (East Stroudsburg University).


At ESU I was part of the CILLS program for 3 years. CILLS stands for Career and Independent Living and Learning Studies. At the ESU, CILLS program, I lived in a house with six friends and two mentors. Living in the house I was responsible for doing my own laundry. I was also responsible for making a chore chart and rotating it weekly. Some of the chores included dusting, emptying the dishwasher, moping the kitchen floor, cleaning out the refrigerator, vacuuming all of the floors, cleaning bedrooms including the study room, cleaning girls and boy’s bathrooms, hallway and stairs, sweeping the porch and steps and garbage and recycling. For our meals we would make our own breakfast. Sometimes we ate at the dining hall for lunch and dinner. In the last year we ate lunch at the house because we did our internship. On the weekends we cooked all of our meals at the house. This also was on a rotated schedule. I took a lot of courses at ESU. During my time at ESU I took Health and Wellness, math and reading to name a few. After our classes we would all meet and go to the fitness center to workout with our mentors.


Over the weekends my roommates, mentors and myself would do fun activities like arts and crafts and that was my one of my favorites. We also went hiking, movies, bowling, basketball, and took long walks on the track and in the neighborhood. With all of these activities we always made sure to get our school work done on time. I was involved in Best Buddies and Special Olympics committee.


I'm currently searching for a job. During this process I'm sending applications and going on job interviews I'm hopeful to find a job in the near future. Right now I live at home with my mom and brother. Someday I would like to live independently with some friends