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Learning About People with Disabilities

Having a disability is a natural part of life. It is not taboo. It is not something to be afraid of. People with disabilities are your friends, your neighbors, your business associates, and your co-workers. However, people with disabilities still face discrimination in everyday life. Once again, this is due to the lack of education! The CAP program is here to help! 

The CAP program offers disability sensitivity and awareness trainings that can help you, your employees, and volunteers learn how to better communicate with people with disabilities. Proper communication and interaction can make an event, activity, interaction, or conversation between staff and a person with a disability more comfortable and enjoyable for all parties involved. These trainings will go over disability history, etiquette, and proper language to use when referring to people with disabilities, which will give you a better awareness of disability. Through these trainings you will have the ability to be open and welcoming to people with disabilities.

We currently offer the following training programs, and can create a customized training tailored for your timeframe, business, and budget:

  • The Many Faces of Disability (20 min.)
  • Let's Talk about Disability (Video and discussion 20 min.)
  • Disability in America: The Impact of Social Paradigms and Legislation (30 min.)
  • Empathy not Sympathy: Interacting Respectfully with People with Disabilities (10-15 min.)
  • Everyone is Different: A Review of Types of Disabilities (30 min.)
  • What Would You Do? A Quiz about Interacting with People with Disabilities (10 min.)
  • Just another Fan (Video and discussion 10 min.)
  • "Are There Wheelchairs in Heaven": A different perspective on disability. (15 min.)
  • About Non-Obvious Disabilities: Legal, Practical, and Human Considerations (30 min.)
  • In Their Shoes: Accessibility from another Perspective (30 min.)
  • Serving Customers with Disabilities: 10 Reasons for Reaching Out & Expanding Your Market (30 min.)
  • Jeopardy! Serving Customers with Disabilities (20 min.)

We can help you and your staff better communicate with people with disabilities!