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Funds of LVCIL

Want to give back to LVCIL?

The best way to support one of our many programs and services is to give to a specific fund of LVCIL. Simply send your donation to LVCIL or click the "Donate Now" on our website. To ensure that your donation will benefit a specific cause, include the name of the fund in the memo. Below are several of our funds that you can support:

General Fund:
Provides general support to fund LVCIL's operations, programs and services.

Carl F. Odhner Fund:
In memory of LVCIL's founder, Carl Odhner, this fund was established to help consumers access the goods and services they need to achieve independence.

Veterans Fund:
Donations directly benefit Veterans with disabilities, and their family members, enrolled in LVCIL programming. Specifically, the fund benefits Veterans with housing needs.

S2L Fund:
Supports the S2L group and Real World Lehigh Valley summer program, and provides scholarships for young adults with disabilities to join the program.

Emergency Food Outreach Fund:
Donations to this fund are utilized to purchase grocery store gift cards, which are then distributed to low-income and/or homeless consumers in dire need of food and basic medical supplies.




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