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Hi! My name is Audrey; I am a graduate of Salisbury High School, and I attended Lehigh Valley Christian High School. When I was in school, I attended LCTI for a semester and the IU work-based learning for another semester.  Eventually, I enrolled in the LVCIL LIFE program where I practiced not only employment skills, but much-needed life skills.  LVCIL has taught me that I can lead the life I want to lead!


Baseball has always been a part of my family.  When I was in high school, my mother sent an email to everyone she knew to make a contact for me for a job at Coca Cola Park.  She was successful, and I am now entering my 7th season working for the Iron Pigs.  When I heard the PPL Center was being built, I really wanted a job there as well.  Everyone told me not to get my hopes up, and to look for a back-up plan, but with the help of my job coaches at LVCIL, I am now also employed at the new hockey arena.  I learned that the atmosphere of where I work is very important to me.


 I know that I have to be active in order to be happy.  In high school, I was a cheerleader, a member of the school chorus, and a member of the school theater group.  I was awarded the LVCIL transition award as well as a Ben Yorgey award. Today, I belong to a knitting group, Muhlenberg’s Best Buddies program, and Special Olympics.  I am also serving my second term as president of School-to-Life (S2L.) 


Finally, my dream is too own and drive a Volkswagen Bug.  My LIFE coaches helped me to memorize the information so that I could get my driver’s permit.  I got every question right when I finally took the test. I have been working on practicing my skills on the road so that I can get my license.


My transition taught me 3 important lessons: network, stay active in the community, and fight for the life that you want to lead.