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Colin's College Expereince

Greetings from the Hiram G. Andrews Center!!  If you are a young adult with a disability working with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and you are looking for a school/college that will help you learn about a specific field/career, then the Hiram G. Andrews Center would most likely be a great fit for you!!  I am 26 years old and I am in the Office Tech program here; I will be graduating from the OT program here at HGAC in April 2015.  Choosing to come here has turned out to be one of the best choices I’ve made in my life and has changed my life with respect to finding and learning about office technology as a career choice!!

I received my acceptance letter from HGAC around the summer of 2013 and, after talking to my OVR counselor, my one-on-one counselor and my parents about whether or not I was a good fit for HGAC, I started attending the Hiram G. Andrews Center in the fall of 2013.  My first semester at HGAC was spent in the Cognitive Skills Enhancement Program (CSEP); this program taught me everything about me (both things I knew already and things I did not know about me) – my strengths/weaknesses, coping strategies, work/job do’s and don’ts, stress management techniques and much, much more.   

After my first term ended in December 2013, I officially started in the Office Tech program in the spring of 2014.  I had some doubts about starting the office tech program and I also had some doubters who thought that I would not do well with the material/work in the office tech program; however all doubts (both self-doubt and doubts from others) all went away when my first office tech term ended in April 2013 – I received straight A’s for that term!!  Actually, not only did I receive all A’s for the fall of 2013 term but I also received straight A’s for my second term as well (the summer of 2013!!)  As I received all of these A’s, my confidence started to build that I could handle the office tech program.

As I said previously, I am currently in my final term (4th term) of the office tech program and will graduate in April 2015.  The Office Tech program at HGAC is officially 3 terms (1 year Jan-Dec including a summer term.)  The Hiram G. Andrews Center runs classes year-round; this is just about the only thing I didn’t like about coming here because I missed my family trip to Maine.  However, it has honestly been totally worth missing one annual summer trip to Maine because I knew I was at school working towards a job/career.  If any of the young adults who read this think to themselves “Oh my God summer school ….. NO!!!” don’t worry because it is only one summer out of your entire life.  There will be many other summers in the rest of your life.

In closing on a serious note, once again, if you are a young adult with a disability working with OVR and you are looking for a job/career, come to the Hiram G. Andrews Center – coming here has honestly been one of the best, smartest decision I’ve made in my life!!  The school truly works with you no matter what your disability to make sure you succeed in the end!!  HGAC has SO many programs outside of academics that can assist you in various ways outside of class to make your stay at HGAC as smooth, fun and enjoyable as possible!!