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Meet Sean

My name is Sean. I am from New Tripoli, PA.  I attended Northwestern High School and after school I attended Project Search.  Project Search is a program that helps people to learn a job how to work in a job setting you can do three routings in different airy of a hospital setting. I did housekeeping and lines and food service. 

I currently work at good shepherd for the Metz food service; I have been working there 3 years. I am the head of receiving at for Metz Food Service. I call in all the orders, add them into the computer and check in all the orders when they arrive.  Then my co-workers put them away.  I also have my own office!

I work very hard and I like what I do too. I know I have room to grow. One day in the future I would like to go to different hospitals around the county and work at them.