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Making the Great Outdoors More Accessible

All people have the right to enjoy all aspects of life. However, many people with disabilities face barriers when trying to access outdoor spaces, such as parks, picnic areas, trails, amusement parks, etc. The cause is often inadequate or poorly maintained access on the part of the park or recreation area, and, too often, these barriers prevent people with disabilities from taking part in outdoor activities that many other people enjoy every day.

What's the solution? Education! The CAP program's skilled staff members can help your outdoor or recreational facility understand important, and often overlooked, accessibility standards through our educational training series. These trainings cover the Outdoor Accessibility Guidelines as they pertain to trails, parks, viewing areas, picnic areas, campgrounds, etc. Through these trainings you will be able to make your outdoor and recreational areas not only accessible for people with disabilities, but also more accessible and enjoyable for all visitors!

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  • Accessibility Guidelines For Outdoor Development (55 minutes)
  • Accessibility For Outdoor Recreation and Trails (45 minutes)
  • Outdoor and Recreational Accessibility (45 minutes)
  • Disability at the Work Place, Say this Not That (45 minutes)


Woman in a wheelchair on an accessible trail