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Let's advocate together!

A little advocacy goes a long way! The Real World Lehigh Valley (RWLV) Summer Program we want to share some things that we are doing as a group and how you can join in on our advocacy process.

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Can you juggle?

Juggling is one of those things that is extremely hard to do no matter who you are. Some end up being able to juggle really well when they find the right strategy, while others never get the hang of it.

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Attending College with a Disability

My name is Madeline, currently I am a Social Work student intern at LVCIL under the S2L program. Many people I encounter see me as your everyday college student, but in reality I have been battling my disability pretty much my whole life...

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We all transition from high school into the real world. For some of us, we know what we would like to do; go to college, get a job, move out on our own, start a family and so on. For others we are not sure what life after high school would be like. This can be a scary time for a young adult but even more frightening for a person with a disability. For me the transition from high school into real world was a confusing time in my life because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I knew that I wanted t be involved with something after graduating from high school, but I wasn't too sure of what my options were.

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Meet Lauren

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I live in Schnecksville, PA with my family. I graduated from Parkland High School in 2008 and I also graduated college from ESU (East Stroudsburg University)

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