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The S2L Groups like to show their thanks and support to the community by volunteering.  Each member of The S2L Group has been involved in volunteering in some way.  They have done individual, small group and large group events around the area.  At the beginning of each year The Group chooses what volunteer opportunities they would like to be involved in, but as events come up they get involved more and more! If you have an event and need help, please use our contact page and include specifics that the young adults can be involved in! Below are volunteering experiences the group has participated in the past:

      • Parkland Garden Club
      • Autism Walk
      • Ben Yorgey Event
      • LVCIL
      • Buddy Walk
      • Luthercrest
      • "Have You Though About Life?" Transition Conference
      • Tri-for-Inclusion, Mikaylas Voice
      • Miracle League
      • Knights of Fire Motorcycle Club Poker Run
      • Coplay Sports
      • Easton, Phillipsburg Family YMCA
      • Meals on Wheels
      • Palmerton Area Library
      • Home Run Derby in support of PA Breast Cancer Coalition
      • PA Shakespeare Festival
      • Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary