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What is S2L?

The S2L (School 2 Life) Group is a year-long transition program for young adults with all types of disabilities ages 14- 25 who have independent living, employment, advocacy, and/or leadership goals.  The S2L Group Includes:

  • Monthly meetings on independent living, life, vocational, advocacy and social topics at LVCIL or in the community

  • Leadership development activities

  • Yearly group goals that the young adults accomplish by working together

  • Regular parent meetings that indlude guest speakers, open discussions, information, support and advocacy

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Benefits of Membership:

  • Not like any other group in the Lehigh Valley
  • Youth Led, Youth Driven
  • Youth development & youth leadership opportunities
  • Members are a part of a community of youth leaders
  • Social events like holiday parties, baseball games and movie nights!
  • Volunteer opportunities in the community to gain experience, empower and educate
  • Collaborate with other youth leadership groups around Pennsylvania
  • Strive for innovative approaches to community involvement
  • Youth lead all decision-making for the group
  • Fundraising opportunities

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S2L Blog

Let's advocate together!

A little advocacy goes a long way! The Real World Lehigh Valley (RWLV) Summer Program we want to share some things that we are doing as a group and how you can join in on our advocacy process.

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Can you juggle?

Juggling is one of those things that is extremely hard to do no matter who you are. Some end up being able to juggle really well when they find the right strategy, while others never get the hang of it.

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Take the pledge for your future!

Do you want to find a job? Do you want to go to college? Do you want to find a place of your own? These are questions that young adults ask themselves as they make the transition from school to adult life. The S2L group is searching for young adults ages 14-25 with disabilities from all over Pennsylvania to make a pledge for their futures. We want to show everyone that young adults have goals and dreams for their future, and that they don’t want to graduate “to the couch” Take the pledge today!

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