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The S2L Group is a yearlong transition program for young adultswith all types of disabilities ages 14-25 who have independent living, employment, advocacy, and/or leadership goals.


The group will set yearly goals that they will work together to accomplish.  Meeting topics and times are determined by the group and the leadership team with some input from parents.

The group meets 2-3 times a month either at LVCIL or in the community to work on developing important life skills to accomplish their goals. The group is meant to be youth centered with support from adult allies. Parents meet on a quarterly basis for guest speakers, information, support and advocacy. Applications are currently being accepted for interviews and membership dues apply.

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Benefits of Membership:

  • Socials like movie night, bowling, parties, etc.
  • Volunteer opportunities in the community to empower themselves and others.
  • Leadership opportunities for positions like President, VP, Treasurer, Member at Large, and Social Media Facilitator.
  • A group budget to be spend at their own discretion.
  • Fundraising committee for parents as well as youth.

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Do you want to find a job? Do you want to go to college? Do you want to find a place of your own? These are questions that young adults ask themselves as they make the transition from school to adult life. The S2L group is searching for young adults ages 14-25 with disabilities from all over Pennsylvania to make a pledge for their futures. We want to show everyone that young adults have goals and dreams for their future, and that they don’t want to graduate “to the couch” Take the pledge today!

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