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Accessibility Site Surveys

A site survey is a comprehensive review of your location. Our team will prepare a confidential report and accessibility action plan that will:

• Provide Practical, Cost-Effective Solutions

• Identify Areas that Require Immediate Action

• Prioritize for Future Upgrades

• Include Diagrams, Photos, or Auto-CAD Drawings that Detail Accessibility Improvements

• Utilize the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, ICC A117.1, and Local Building Codes.



Accessibility Site Survey

AccessCheck offers a comprehensive accessibility review of your facitlity.  Our experts will conduct an on-site survey and provide an individualized confidential report.  Detailing areas of non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the report will offer cost-effective practical solutions.

The ADA requires public places to be accessible to people with disabilities.  AccessCheck experts will help you understand and address all accessibility issues.  Our team will cover areas of concern and offer our recommendations for improvements.   After a review meeting,  AccessCheck continues as your ADA accessibility advisor. The report will act as an accessibility plan for your organization. 

Specifically, an AccessCheck Accessibility Site Survey and Report will:

  • Identify elements that do not comply with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, and other relevant standards
  • Prioritize barrier removal, in accordance with Department of Justice guidelines
  • Suggest practical, cost-effective solutions to common access mistakes
  • Distinguish between elements that require immediate attention and elements that need only be upgraded during future alterations
  • Offer specific detail about your facility including diagrams, photos, AutoCAD drawings when needed
  • Assist with an overall plan for your ADA compliance goals

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