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Trainings and Presentations

Our team is certified by the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center to provide training on accessibility and other disability-related topics, including:

• Snapshot of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

• 10 Ways to Make Your Business More Accessible

• Serving Customers with Disabilities

• ADA Design Standards, including Guidelines for Outdoor Access

• Service Animal Guidelines

• Solutions to Creating a More Inclusive Environment

• Reasonable Accommodations

• Disability Sensitivity

One-hour to full-day sessions are available. Trainings can be customized to meet your specific needs, time frame, and budget.



Disability Awareness

Having a disability is a natural part of life. It is not taboo. It is not something to be afraid of. People with disabilities are your friends, your neighbors, your business associates, and your co-workers. However, people with disabilities still face discrimination in everyday life. This is most often due to a lack of education!  AccessCheck is here to help! 

AccessCheck offers disability sensitivity and awareness trainings that can help you, your employees, and volunteers learn how to better communicate with people with disabilities. Our trainings will review disability history, etiquette, non-offensive language, and ADA regulation for accommodations. We'll offer tips on how to be more welcoming to and comfortable dealing with people with disabilities.

We offer the following training programs, and can create a customized training tailored for your specific concerns, timeframe, business, and budget:

  • The Many Faces of Disability (20 min.)
  • Let's Talk about Disability (Video and discussion 20 min.)
  • Disability in America: The Impact of Social Paradigms and Legislation (30 min.)
  • Empathy not Sympathy: Interacting Respectfully with People with Disabilities (10-15 min.)
  • Everyone is Different: A Review of Types of Disabilities (30 min.)
  • What Would You Do? A Quiz about Interacting with People with Disabilities (10 min.)
  • Just another Fan (Video and discussion 10 min.)
  • "Are There Wheelchairs in Heaven": A different perspective on disability. (15 min.)
  • About Non-Obvious Disabilities: Legal, Practical, and Human Considerations (30 min.)
  • In Their Shoes: Accessibility from another Perspective (30 min.)
  • Serving Customers with Disabilities: 10 Reasons for Reaching Out & Expanding Your Market (30 min.)
  • Jeopardy! Serving Customers with Disabilities (20 min.)

Improving Access / ADA Regulations

For people without a physical disability, walking up a flight of stairs is practically second nature. But, imagine if you couldn't walk and had to use another method to get up the stairs. Not so easy is it? For people with sight, reading a bus schedule at a terminal is not a problem. But, imagine if you couldn't see the map of bus routes. How would you find the right connecting bus to get to your destination?

Disabilities come in all forms and not all are 'visible.' Use of an elevator, bathroom, hallway, seating area, etc. can be difficult to access for people with a variety of disabilities if not properly installed or designed.  AccessCheck offers trainings that cover common concerns with meeting the basic requirements of access for people with disabilities. Trainings will review common errors and omissions, and will give possible cost-effective practical ways to improve accessibility.  AccessCheck training will help you make your building more accessible and friendly to people with all kinds of disabilities.

Our trainings can be tailored to your specific timeframe, staffing, and capacity. Here is a list of the trainings we offer:

      ADA Overview

  • Snapshot of the ADA (20 min.)
  • ADA Amendments Act: General Overview (20 min.)
  • ADA Revised Regulations: General Overview (20 min.)
  • Your Concerns and Dilemmas: Interactive Overview (15 min.)

      Title I: Related to Employment

  • ADA & Employment: An Overview (30 min.)
  • ADA Amendments Act: An Overview (20-30 min.)
  • About Reasonable Accommodations (30 min.)
  • Reasonable Accommodation Case Studies (30 min.)
  • It’s About Talent: Hiring People with Disabilities (30 min.)
  • Navigating the Hiring Process as a Job-seeker with a Disability (30 min.)
  • Are you Ready? Preparing for Upcoming Workforce Trends (30 minutes,45 minutes for groups of more than 40 participants)
  • Guess that person: Profiles of people with disabilities (15 min.)
  • Talking to an Employer about Disability (25 min.)
  • Nonobvious Disabilities in the Workplace: An Overview (30 min.)
  • Employment & Disability Resources (10 min.)

      Title II: Public Services

  • People with Disabilities: America’s Largest Minority (20 min.)
  • Program Accessibility in Public Facilities (20 min.)
  • Structural Accessibility of Public Entities (30 min.)
  • Thinking it Through: Interactive Exercises about Public Entities and the ADA (20 min.)
  • Supplemental Resources (10 min.)

      Title III: Public Accommodations

  • Interacting with People with Disabilities in Places of Public Accommodation (20 min.)
  • Legal Applications of Title III (20 min.)
  • Program Accommodations in Title III (20 min.)
  • New Construction and Alterations in Title III (20 min.)
  • Title III Case Studies: Physical Accessibility (20 min.)
  • Title III Supplemental Resources (10 – 15 min)
  • Title III Overview of Design Standards (10-15 min.)

Outdoor Areas and Recreation Accessibility

All people have the right to enjoy all aspects of life. However, many people with disabilities face barriers when trying to access outdoor spaces, such as parks, picnic areas, trails, amusement parks, etc. The cause is often inadequate or poorly maintained access on the part of the park or recreation area, and, too often, these barriers prevent people with disabilities from taking part in outdoor activities that many other people enjoy every day.

What's the solution? Education! AccessCheck can help your outdoor or recreational facility understand important, and often overlooked, accessibility standards through our educational training series. These trainings cover the Outdoor Accessibility Guidelines as they pertain to trails, parks, viewing areas, picnic areas, campgrounds, etc. You will be able to make your outdoor and recreational areas not only accessible for people with disabilities, but also more accessible and enjoyable for all visitors!

  • Accessibility Guidelines For Outdoor Development (55 minutes)
  • Accessibility For Outdoor Recreation and Trails (45 minutes)
  • Outdoor and Recreational Accessibility (45 minutes)
  • Disability at the Work Place, Say this Not That (45 minutes)